Driving confidence and trust in the financial advice sector

SAMI is designed for regulators and organisations wanting to adapt to the future state and simple sophistication of ‘compliance by design’. Driving outcomes to deliver greater consumer trust and confidence in the financial advice sector, SAMI enables regulators’ oversight to be more efficient, proactive and pre-emptive. Advisers and licensees gain assurance they are delivering compliant, high-quality advice in clients’ best interest.

Simple sophistication: the future state of compliance

Embedded and Real Time

SAMI embeds seamlessly in regulatory compliance systems for real-time surveillance, monitoring and automated actions.

Predictive and Proactive

With SAMI’s predictive intelligence capability, reacting to compliance breaches after the fact is replaced by predictive proactive compliance management.

Aligned with Regulations

Reduce compliance system inefficiencies, risks and uncertainties with SAMI aligning to mandatory regulations.


Navigating and managing regulatory complexity and rate of change no longer needs to be an onerous task.

Patented Real World Decision Making Tool

Express the compliance of a statement of advice in terms of both likelihood and a degree of certainty.  Reflect real world situations by factoring in:

  • Combinations of qualitative and/or quantitative data and evidence
  • Uncertainty about an opinion
  • Objectivity and bias of a human opinion
  • Reliability of any automated or human opinion
  • Missing information which for whatever reason is omitted
  • Relevance of opinions
  • Differing or conflicting opinions about something