ASX Announcements

08.06.2017Appendix 3B
31.05.2017Expiry of Listed Options
01.05.2017Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 4C
01.05.2017Option Expiry Notice
01.05.2017Final Director’s Interest Notice
01.05.2017Initial Director’s Interest Notice
26.04.2017VRI Partners with US-based Diamond Capture Associates
20.04.2017VRI Boosts Cash Balance with Sale of Mining Assets
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Activity Reports

01.03.2017Half Year Accounts Management Commentary
01.03.2017Half Year Accounts
01.03.2017Appendix 4D – Interim Financial Report
30.01.2017December 2016 Quarterly Activities Report
03.10.2016Annual Report 2016
29.07.2016June 2016 Quarterly Activities Report
29.04.2016March 2016 Quarterly Activities Report
29.01.2016December 2015 Quarterly Activities Report
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Share Capital

As at 4 NOV 2016
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares (VRI) 169,695,190
Unlisted Securities 185,794,147 – Fully paid ordinary shares (FPOS). 170,480,169 – FPOS not quoted until 27 September 2018. 2,857,143 – FPOS not quoted until 29 August 2017.
Options 4,500,000 – 6.4 cents expiring 31 October 2017. 1,000,000 – 10.93 cents expiring 13 July 2019.
Performance Shares 9,820,000 – Class A not quoted until 24 months from date of quotation. 180,000 – Class A not quoted until 2 September 2017. 14,730,000 – Class B not quoted until 24 months from date of quotation. 270,000 – Class B not quoted until 2 September 2017. 14,730,000 – Class C not quoted until 24 months from date of quotation. 270,000 – Class C not quoted until 2 September 2017.

Media Articles

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Investor Presentation

For further information, download the Veriluma Pty Ltd Investor Presentation

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Corporate Governance

Veriluma recognises the importance of good corporate governance. Responsibility for corporate governance rests with the Board of Directors, which will regularly review its corporate governance practices to ensure the best representation of shareholder interests.

The Board’s guiding principle in meeting this responsibility is to act honestly, conscientiously and fairly, in accordance with the law and in the interests of its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders and with a view to building sustainable shareholder value.

Veriluma’s corporate governance framework is underpinned by ASX best practice corporate governance recommendations.

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